Active tourism

Girona, a city with a special charm, is the capital of the province of Girona in northeastern Catalonia. Although it is surrounded by a perfect natural environment that allows many outdoor activities, it has all the comforts of a modern city.

The perfect combination of a rich artistic heritage and natural environment, both coastal and mountain, make Girona a fascinating place. Its surroundings are full of possibilities to relax and disconnect from the everyday in nature, to walk along coastal paths by the sea, to practice adventure sports and many other activities which make Girona the ideal place to spend an active, fun, and relaxing holiday. Full of contrasts, it offers the opportunity to visit the place where the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean meet.


Girona is located in northeastern Catalonia. Its location is ideal for enjoying nature in its purest state. A third of the counties of the Girona province are protected by law because of the value of their flora and fauna.

The city is located near the Pyrenees, imposing mountains of great natural beauty where there are also many activities on offer: from relaxing outdoor activities to extreme sports. But it is also close to the Costa Brava with wonderful landscapes next to the Mediterranean, where you can hike, visit small coves or walk round the coastal paths. The Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Girona offer eight nature parks that, with their thousand-year histories, have left a legacy of pristine coves and beaches, old castles and hermitages, volcanoes, characteristic flora and fauna, high mountains, ravines, forests, rivers and lakes that are well worth visiting.


Golf attracts many international tourists to the Girona region every year thanks to the advantages of its courses, which are open all year round and have the perfect conditions for play: an ideal climate, varied routes and the great design-quality of their courses.

If you love golf and travel and do not want to stop practicing your favorite sport during your holidays, Girona is the place to visit. The area has several quite different golf courses so you can choose – you can play alone or share your passion for this sport with your family, teaching them what a golfing day is all about. Enjoy the sport of champions surrounded by natural landscapes and make your hobby part of your holiday.


Both the province of Girona and its city stand out for their gastronomy. The combination of traditional cuisine and local ‘kilometer zero’ products, together with the constant search for innovation in new dishes, results in a wide variety of flavors, textures and forms.

Being the cradle of some of the best chefs in the world, such as Ferran Adrià, Catalan gourmet cuisine is already recognized internationally and has been awarded dozens of Michelin stars. We can also find in Girona the Celler de Can Roca, the best restaurant in the world according to the English magazine Restaurant.

In addition, to accompany the food, Girona has a both wine with a Protected Denomination of Origin and a liquor specific to the area: Ratafia. Enjoy a tasting of local products from the Mediterranean created by the best chefs.

Wine tourism

Girona and its surroundings enable discovery of old wineries, good meals, spectacular landscapes, history and the peoples of the area. Catalonia has eleven Protected Denominations of Origin – we can discover each one of these wines by tasting them in their respective places of production.

There are routes for different wineries throughout Catalonia to get closer to these wines. Of these we emphasize the DO Empordà Wine Route, which unites various combinations of flavors and traditions, meals in the vineyards, landscapes and other activities. The terroir of Girona, located in a privileged position, offers the opportunity to produce high quality wines of a variety of types. And not only wine, but Catalonia also produces world-class olive oils allowing us to visit different olive oil mills to understand what is called ‘Catalan gold’: an olive oil of exceptionally high quality and flavor.

Culture and history

One of the main referents and attractions for which Girona stands out is its culture. The city has a combination of styles: romantic, baroque, modernist, Gothic – these together with important museums, art festivals, music, and restaurants make the city the perfect destination for culture lovers.

Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Jews. The city has been conquered seven times, being the home of different cultures that have left their footprints over the years, which can be seen walking through the city’s center. Girona sites such as the Cathedral, the old quarter, the bridges over the river Onyar, the Arab Baths, the museums, the University and the immense city-wall make up many years of history that you cannot miss during your stay. With important figures such as Salvador Dalí and Salvador Espriu, the city has everything that a visitor could wish for.


In Girona you can relax and enjoy practicing sports during your holidays. One option is scuba diving. The Costa Brava has more than 34 scuba diving centers.

Nature reserves, coral, sunken boats and caves are some of the scenes that are hidden under the Mediterranean and are waiting for you to discover to bring you the new experiences only this coast can give you. All with the strictest professionalism and security. Diving will make your stay an unforgettable memory.


The province of Girona gives you the chance to spend your holidays skiing. Girona’s natural spaces offer the perfect conditions to practice the most popular of winter sports.

The Catalan Pyrenees invites you to enjoy a winter in different ski resorts. You can practice skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling or excursions in snowshoes. All alternatives are possible and good. These ski resorts make up a wide range of winter sports options that, thanks to their excellent facilities, make the Pyrenees of Girona a privileged setting with a special winter charm.

Horse Riding

Girona is not far behind and takes the reins when it comes to offering the art and the practice of riding a horse.

Through the range of established stables we propose a number of different routes guided by professionals. If you like animals and nature, plan a route with any of the more than twenty stables there are in the province of Girona and visit unique natural spaces by horse.
With activities throughout the year and at all levels, the Girona has ideal spaces for both beginner and expert riders.

Balloon flights

Tranquility, beauty, freedom and the wind. Dare yourself to book a balloon flight through the province of Girona. An ideal adventure for lovers of nature.

There are a number of possible destinations, such as the Nature Park of the Volcanic Zone of the county of La Garrotxa where the volcanoes and the Pyrenees are the protagonists of the surroundings. Another option is the Costa Brava from the sky, contemplating the small coves of the Mediterranean.
Inflate the balloon, take off, fly, land, breakfast, diploma and photos. All included because you will not miss anything in this unique experience. Take home a lifelong memory with you.